Ship management

Having experience in fleet management, we offer a full range of ship management services in accordance with the requirements of international codes and conventions. Competent organization of fleet management processes, analysis and forecasting of freight market trends, increases the efficiency of fleet operation, which allows the shipowner to receive a stable income without direct participation in the organization of the vessel's work, and the charterer to receive a reliable carrier and partner.
Ship management services
A personalised approach to our clients' needs and a high demand for greater efficiency in fleet management is a core feature of the company's work style.
Commercial management
Chartering and day-to-day management of the vessel, bunkering, voyage reporting, calculation of laytime/demurrage claims and commercial claims.
Technical management
Continuous monitoring of the technical condition of the vessels, the proper functioning of all components and machinery, and timely maintenance. Supporting dock repairs and organising the survey of vessels by classification societies
Maritime safety
Training, implementation, certification and management of vessel safety systems, preparation of vessel safety plans, supervision of high levels of training of seafarers. Arrangement of ship insurance with brokers and/or directly
Crew management
Providing qualified and certified personnel to ensure the quality performance of their duties. We provide staffing, recruitment, onboarding, assessment and crew development.
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Mekhanik Yuzvovich
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