Ship chartering

We provide a full range of ship chartering services. Our large base of river-sea and offshore vessels from 3,000 to 20,000 DWT, as well as our reputation for reliability as an agent, operator and freight broker, enables us to find any vessel on a shipper's request.
The synergy of the analytical and freight departments, which constantly monitor the shipping market and its trends, makes it possible to recommend to the client the best time to fix the vessel, thereby reducing its logistics costs.
Chartering services by Maritime Logistics
Freight experience and expertise paired with an in-depth understanding of market trends — our vision for a quality service!
Direct contacts with ship-owners
Experience in managing our fleet, allows building and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between shipper and shipowner
Staff are qualified to provide legal advice on the conclusion of a charter, and/or when disputes arise in the course of its execution
Application of analytical and forecast freight market data to provide customers with the most effective solution